The Art of Communication: Lincoln 2012

15th BSA National Conference, 31 August - 2 September 2012

The BSA Conference is back - organised by the Doncaster Stammering Association under the leadership of the inspirational Bob Adams/Jamie Harwood combo with specialist speech therapist Hilary Liddle.

The theme will be all about the Art of Communication, stammering and artistic expression. Come along and let yourself be surprised!


The Conference will be held at the University of Lincoln, an easy walk in less than ten minutes from Lincoln Station, and to the beautiful City Centre. See the map.

The Doncaster team have really gone to town. They've even ordered swans, which you will be able to admire from the main dining hall as you enjoy a coffee looking out over Brayford Waterfront! To get a feel for the place, go to University of Lincoln: Discover Lincoln (opens in new window) - you'll even see the swans!

Programme (and fun)

The Doncaster folk are hard at work putting together an attractive programme. There is a fantastic line up of workshops


More at the BSA conference home page.

Floodlit Lincoln Cathedral.., by John Bennet, on Geograph


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