ISAD2010 chaired by Judith Kuster, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Free online conference - ask the experts questions, discuss...

ISAD 2010

International Stuttering Awareness Day (October 22) began in 1998, spear-headed by Michael Sugarman, Oakland, California. ISAD recognizes the growing alliance between speech-language professionals and consumers, who are learning from each other and working together to share, give support, and educate one another and the general public on the impact that stuttering has on individuals' lives. Online conferences, organized by Judy Kuster, have been an integral part of International Stuttering Awareness Day since its inception.

Donate to the British Stammering Association's Change campaign - raising awareness about this little understood disability.
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Hi guys, av just seen this stammering website today, i stammer alot and undergo alot of misunderstanding when tryng to communicate, i need help and therapy, how can i join you guys, am delighted to get to know that there is an association for stammerers, never heard of it before.



I will speak, no matter what;

I will not try to be politically correct and say that stammering is normal. I would rather text tham call, i avoid talking when i know I wont put my point across well enough. Yes, i stammer, I love it and I will speak no matter what. Let the world and people move at whatever speed they want, i will take my time to put my point across and catch up with them. I too, will arrive.

Wear the sea-green ribbon with pride, that we are special, just 1% of the worlds population.

kenyatta otieno- Nairobi Kenya