I've just installed the TechDis Toolbar (Beta) on this blog - see the the button-image on the left of this page. Feel free to press the button, and try the toolbar that appears at the top of the page. Functions include text resizing, spelling checker, text to speech/ speech synthesis and custom styles.

Screen shot of the TechDis toolbar on Freear.org.uk

I'm very impressed with it so far. Can tools like this become as ubiquitous on web sites as Google Translate?

There is also a Lite bookmarklet for your browser, and a Firefox extension. Give it a go, and give the Southampton team encouragement and feedback.

This put me in mind of various experiments and widgets that I and others work on - then the results don't get published. So here goes:

  • Web Anywhere - this is an innovative in-browser screen reader, for the blind and low vision. There is nothing to install, so try the link. It's been developed at the University of Washington. And yes, I created a WebAnywhere bookmarklet - new window to open any page inside the Web Anywhere reader. Drag or save the link to your browser's bookmarks toolbar (Disclaimer: install at your own risk).
  • Readability - Arc 90 - this is a neat, customisable bookmarklet to make reading text-heavy pages on the Web easier. Follow the instructions at the link.