A colleague of mine asked me the other day at Dev8D if there was a list of all of The Open University's free/ open source contributions. I had to say that as far I knew there wasn't.

So, I've started this list on Delicious, using the tags ou opensource project. Note, I have also added tags for license where I can find one (eg. gpl for GNU General Public License), OU department (lts), technologies (svn, java) and wider projects (moodle).

Note that the tag ou does not necessarily imply that The Open University is the founding, sole, or main contributor to a project!

Feel free to add anything that I've missed. It's interesting to see what licenses we're using, what projects we're contributing a lot to (Moodle fairly obviously!) and so on. Enjoy...!


Hi Tim, Thanks, glad to see

Hi Tim,

Thanks, glad to see you're keeping busy ;). OU-people are doing plenty of non-OU projects.