I've proposed a mini-project here, for IET to host an experimental embedding service on behalf of The Open University. This will serve a similar purpose to Embed.ly (api.embed.ly) and Oohembed (oohembed.com), and act as a proxy on behalf of other embed or service providers, for example, YouTube, LAMS, Prezi and Google Docs forms.

The embedding service will provide an oEmbed interface (oembed.com), compatible with Wordpress 2.9+, jQuery, Drupal and other software. It will provide embeds:

  1. That are accessible to those with disabilities,
  2. That are usable on mobiles and tablet devices, eg. iPad,
  3. On behalf of niche services, eg. LAMS,
  4. That incorporate analytics/ tracking, eg. Google Analytics, Piwik.

The four points above are what will differentiate the service from Embed.ly and Oohembed.

A note on terms and conditions

There will be terms and conditions that state that the OU makes no claims on the intellectual property of service providers like YouTube and Prezi or their contributors. We simply provide a conduit, and act on behalf of the service providers. They should also state that we do NOT store content or software (eg. Flash) from the service providers, except where the content is released under a permissive license (eg. LAMS sequences are Creative Commons licensed, so we may cache copies of LAMS SVG files).

More soon! Feedback welcome.