Secrets of our Living Planet is a nature programme presented by Chris Packham which airs on BBC2 on Sunday evenings. It delves into fascinating and surprising connections between species – the clip I caught last night explored the dependencies between ocean salmon and ancient forest trees in North America.

There is a free How Nature Works booklet to support the programme, and a micro-site about habitats on OpenLearn. The micro-site presents a mash-up of content from iSpot, Flickr and YouTube.

IET worked with the Open Media Unit at the OU and Psycle Interactive to integrate content via RSS feeds and oEmbed embeds. We extended the Drupal oEmbed module, and Richard Chamorro's excellent jQuery plugin (see the plugin) and integrated Josh Fraser's HTML5 postMessage shim.

Explore the interactives on OpenLearn and try out the embeds below.

iSpot list and map embeds

List: coastal habitat

Map: urban tag

Here is some background on BBC-OU co-productions.