Last year I started experimenting with user style sheets - text files you can install on your computer to re-format or change the appearance of a web-site or sites. You may want to do this, if for instance some adverts or animations on your favourite site annoy you, or to increase colour contrast or font-size. A while ago, I created a style sheet for Twitter, and today I uploaded it to - you can install it through Stylish for Firefox (or IE7Pro for Internet Explorer - not tested!)

Screen shot: Twitter accessibility style sheet in action

The style sheet makes visible some useful hidden links at the top of the page - "skip past navigation", a link for Twitter's mobile site and so on. These links become visible on keyboard focus, use the TAB key.

It also gives the whole page a black/dark grey background, with status text appearing in pale yellow, status links in pale blue and other text in white. There are still a few small things to fix, but I wanted to get it up there for feedback.

Comments welcome. Enjoy!

Other user styles I like: Google web search - blue theme (vC), Link Warning.